andUandU “A Better Future.”

ANDUANDU…INC. (andUandU…) is a new and fresh way to look at the world around us. We want to open your eyes wide so you can see and discover what an organization like andUandU can offer. We want our Earth to thrive for us and the other organisms we share this planet with. We want andUandU… to grow into an organization that U will say U are proud of being a part of. andUandU…wants to earn ur trust and allegiance. As we grow U will be inspired to do more and good deeds will multiply exponentially. andUandU...is multi-faceted, it covers so much of what our earth needs and more. andUandU needs U to succeed, we need U to get involved. U will eventually be asked to do so. We are going to turn ourselves into a non-profit society with a charitable status.


We have given U examples of potential organizations that if utilized can give U the best possible outcomes. (see anduandu.org- Active Sites) We want to be able to give U more. These organizations all end in andU. Examples of such organizations are OrgansandU, MissingandU, and TerroristandU.  We want to attract people who know what’s best for a variety of needs. If you need help finding organs or missing people and combatting terrorism, once we are functioning, we want U to turn to us first. We want andUandU to become a think tank offering advice to resolve most of the problems that humanity faces. One of the things humanity needs is for us to support charities, this is something we offer in our CharityandU Sector.

We want people around the world to think of themselves as being part of our Ourearth community. People who realize that we are all Brothers and Sisters in a world where andUandU…is known and prevails. In an andUandU’s World we would strive to help provide most of the necessities of life. We can work together to make this happen. U have the power to do so much. We want andUandU to inspire U to do more because U want more for others.

Join others in your field or discipline and start an organization that is representative of U. For example, if U are a doctor, start an organization called DoctorsandU, with ur own website. On ur website put on it what U and the public find interesting. Raise money on it and possibly provide your services free to help the less fortunate. Potential Communities such as TeachersandU, ChristianandU and BillionairesandU would be found in our CommunityandU Sector.

            andUandU…wants to secure healthy lives for our children. We want them to have a bright future. Our environmental sector called OurenvironmentandU wants to be the place where U find ideas that will ensure longevity for us and the other organisms, we share this planet with. We intend to show U ways how we can re-establish a balance with nature and more ways to live eco-friendly.  

            In conclusion, andUandU… is what this world needs to turn the page and brighten up our future. We can offer U a breath of fresh air for a world that has grown so stale. The paths we should take will become much clearer and we will all benefit.  We owe it to ourselves and our children to grow andUandU… into an organization that is second to none.

Mark A. Matheson