ANDUANDU… D.O. (Domain Ownership)

ANDUANDU… INC. as a future world Nonprofit has to scrutinize our domain ownership. Most of our domains, especially those domains using people's names, have been bought in trust and will be given to their owners if requested, or canceled if requested when they expire. The majority will continue to be renewed.

The domains with people’s names have been bought because we believe that they can be assets to andUandU…,therefore humanity. Some have done so much good, and we believe they will continue to do good things. We have purchased their domains hoping to get their attention and helping to put them into a position where they can do so much more for humanity's sake. We believe that any person who finds out that an organization has bought their name is going to investigate us and discover how great it would be if andUandU… became a functioning worldwide Nonprofit and possibly even help us succeed. Helping andUandU… succeed would be great for humanity, including helping to rejuvenate our earth's diminishing biodiversity.

Many of the domains have been purchased so people can picture these domains becoming functional andUandU organizations that are a cut above the rest. Perhaps existing organizations might amalgamate and become andu organizations.

andUandU…will eventually have well-thought-of rules and regulations. One thing for certain since andUandU is family-oriented certain content will be restricted. We would like children to be able to peruse andu websites.

Cursing, swearing, and nudity should not have a place on andu websites. Anything that is X-rated will not be allowed on andu websites.  U will be able to tell if an operating andu domain owner is compliant because their domain will be on Domains for U.