The Enabler(s)

Get Involved!

andUandU… is an organization that is founded on love. We want to bring love into a world that is lacking love in so many ways. We want to show the down trodden that there are people that do care. Many of these caring people in the future will be motivated by andUandU… andUandU, will become a beacon of hope for many people, helping to point them in the right direction. We are trying to get the message out that our world would be a much better place if we believed in andUandU… The best way to make the most needed changes on this planet would have andUandU… playing an important part in world affairs. A world with andUandU…   would be complete having the potential to help mitigate many of the wants and needs of the people and the organisms we depend on. There is no other organization that could resolve most of the worlds issues under one banner. All U have to do is believe in us and make it happen. We can make it easier for charities and people who are helping others to do their work. We would help bring back a balance with nature. We will not flourish if we continue to damage our ecosystem system so dramatically. What I have written in my Sectors and Sections can happen, if my advice is followed and my ideas put into practice. We have the potential to do so much good on this planet. My suggestions and promises are extremely doable. All it takes is the will to make them happen. Please find the will.

Once U have found the will then please let others know about andUandU… and the good it can do. Use whatever means necessary. Social media is an amazing tool. Online petitions are great.

We need a special person(s) that will see that andUandU…succeeds. There are so many people with money, or they know where they can get finances for such a worthy cause as andUandU… This person or persons will know how to get the job done. This person or persons will be of high moral fiber and will do the job needed better if he/she or they know they have wide-spread support from people(andus) like U.

We call this person(s) The ENABLER(S)”

Mark A. Matheson

                                Founder of andUandU…