The Glory of Love


Just as sure as there is a Universe, there is Love within us all. For many of us, God is love. Many of us show our love in many ways; perhaps by giving to others or maybe by just being thankful for what U have been given. Others appear barren of love; for those people U might have to motivate their love to reappear.

Within every newborns soul is love. Nobody has lost their love; it just may have to be nurtured to bring it back to the surface. If it appears that U are lacking love or want more love reach inward and bring it to the surface. Do this by doing good deeds for others. U will look and feel better and they will show their love through the appreciation that they express.

    For love is like a two way street it works both ways: U get it back through giving and

      it grows inside U as U do good deeds for others. Too often we reserve our love

       for our companions, friends and family. We should express our love to everyone

         we meet. Loving people have qualities such as being courteous, appreciative,

            personable, friendly and gratuitous. The more we continue to express such

               qualities to others, the greater are the chances the recipients love, will

                  be outwardly expressed. If not at first eventually their love will grow

                     from within and it will surface changing their lives for the better.

                        Love that is continuously shared can cause a ripple effect

                          that has the potential to reach throughout our earth,

                             affecting most of the people dwelling on it.

                                 Ur love can be experienced by people U may

                                    never meet. There are too many people living

                                        marginal lives, perhaps lacking proper

                                           food, medicine, clean water,

                                               sanitation and shelter. Many of

                                                  Ourearths' people starve,

                                                       are sick or die of

                                                           sickness and


There is more than enough wealth if shared to look after all of those in need. Many people must learn not to squander their wealth and share their good fortune with the needy of our earth. The need is great; share ur wealth knowing that responsible andUandU... people can ensure that what U give will be put to good use. The higher the percentage of ur gifts that reach those in need the greater ur love will be received. Just imagine how appreciative those people U help will be.

Ur love U have shared could save people from

 starvation, sickness and help provide shelter and

  sanitation. Let us not forget to share with the other

   inhabitants of our earth. Let the memories of U

    be focused on ur good deeds; rather than

      what wealth U have accumulated.


The Glory of Love