Goals So Numerous

 ANDUANDU’s goals are numerous because ANDUANDU…is wide in scope. We want to be the bedrock of our earth when it comes to looking after most of the needs of our earth’s people. Overall ANDUANDU… has the potential to do more than governments. We can inspire a movement that exemplifies what love is all about, one that lacks mememe…people, we will care about others and prove it. Under an ANDUANDU…banner we can support our earth’s people in one way or another. 

There could be many potential organizations in our andU family. Our Sector CommunityandU alone can have many individuals with like interests form charities, for example, actors (ActorsandU) form communities whose goal is to give to charity and provide fellowship.  We can support and nurture many of our earth’s people back to health both mentally and physically. This mindset can be witnessed in our numerous scripts and videos. Our potential organizations and future ones can go a long way in fulfilling our goals. Think of a potential andU organization and make it so.

Look at our other Sectors:  HELPandU, OURENVIRONMENTandU, CHARITYandU, and OUREARTHandU. All these sectors can substantially benefit humanity and other organisms we share this planet with.

U are only limited by ur imagination. Our potential is great, let's make it happen. We can do it!