Mission Statement

andUandU... to be worldwide.

To be known for our love that has no bounds.

To stimulate people to make a positive impact in a variety of ways.

U will understand that U are worthy of our love and we exist for U.

We all have love within us and we endeavor to make U want to share it.

We will strive to make or maintain peace through love.

To become a voice for all people.

No matter where U live on our earth we want to be part of ur social fabric.

We will not rest until everybody on our earth has the basics: clean water, food, clothing, shelter and medicine.

We will do our best to make the memememe people feel out of place and try to educate these people to consider other people's needs.

We will lead by example and U will see that racism and discrimination have no place in our world.

We will earn the trust of all humankind.

We are family oriented, so U will not be offended by our content.

We will work towards enhancing our environment.

U will know that U can affect others in a positive way and if needed, U may be taught how.

We will be a resource area to help U get much of what U need to be successful.

We want Ourearth's children to learn about andUandU.. and the power of “U” from an early age.

We want them to be conditioned to love and be loved.

Lastly, we will strive to make Ourearth's people are more environmentally friendly.