andUandU... I believe has been inspired by Jehovah (God). If U do not believe in god; then believe that it is inspired by love.  We believe it can be the salvation of humanity and its other inhabitants. andUandU... can become the heartbeat of the world, attempting to supply nourishment to every living creature that is in need. We exist for U for inside of U is love.

We as humans were meant to share that love in a way that pleases god. Once U realize that love is what matters, U will stop thinking of mememe... This will change ur life as U begin to influence the lives of others in a positive way. U will be rewarded because as U share that love; love will grow deeper within ur soul.

Ur life will become invigorated, for it is impossible not to be uplifted by the love that is expressed in return. The more U give, the more U will receive.  

If U are an atheist or worship other gods or deities, one thing that every soul or religion must have included in its being is love. That love must be shared with all Ourearth's people. If that love is adulterated by hate and greed; then U must change ur ways. No one was meant to kill, injure or maim or mistreat one another, in any way for that is contrary to love. We must do onto others; as U would have them do unto U.

U should live ur life always aware that ur daily activities not only affect ur life, but others too. U could influence so many others in a beneficial way. Do U spend ur days loving mainly urself? Do U live lavishly with ur wealth benefiting U and a select few; like perhaps ur family and only those from ur same socio-economic community?

Ur wealth could come from business ventures, sports, entertainment, real estate, government, nepotism and other means. No matter where U derive ur wealth from, U should share it.

All the communities of this planet should be part of a community called Ourearth. U are part of a wide mosaic of people; represented by all walks of life: the subsistent farmers, the fishing, the refugee, the homeless, the sick, the blue-collar worker, the professional, the elite are all members of a community.


One thing we all have in common is our right to be loved and to love. Love such as this should prompt us to do whatever possible to eradicate and/or prevent: starvation, homelessness, disease or illness (mental or physical). There can be enough food, water and medicine for the entire world. All we have to do is decide to share our resources and create the means to get those resources to those in need.


There is an overabundance of wealth on our earth and we must redistribute this wealth. We could supply all in need, if we shared our wealth and we would still have a large number of millionaires and billionaires. Too few of the rich are spreading their wealth equitably. Jesus stated in Mark 10 verse 25: “In fact, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God”. Today that would still hold true if the wealthy are turning a blind eye to the disadvantaged and suffering. Regardless of ur religious beliefs or lack of them, please share ur wealth, so others less fortunate can benefit from ur abundance of wealth.

The measure of success that the wealthy should be most remembered by is how successful they were during their life time helping the poor and disadvantaged overcome their plight. Instead it is often measured by how grand ur house is and/or by what kind of car U drive.

What good is wealth to humanity if U spend all ur time thinking of memememe... Too many of the wealthy have become so self- centered they take part in activities or make purchases that only benefit themselves. If ur living lavishly, please remember that there are millions that lack the basic necessities of life. They are ur Brothers and Sisters of Ourearth community and they deserve to have their basic needs met.

If bling is ur thing then perhaps it is time to forgo ur next purchase of superficial jewellery and donate to charity. If ur real estate rich, how many mansions do U really need? Do U really need so many rooms? The money that is saved could be given to charity. Car collectors, how many cars do U really need? Learn to live with one less and give the money to charity. Do U really need that huge yacht or yachts? Downsize or perhaps purchase one with a friend and give ur savings to charity. Do U really need another tattoo? Why not help humans that  may need ur support, rather than spending so much money on ur pet? Perhaps even befriend the person U are helping, if that is possible. There is a good chance U could gain a lifetime friend when U show ur love by helping someone and U give them achance to love U back.

                                      Think about all the good U can do living with a little less; spend the difference on a worthy cause. If U want to know a minimum that

                                              U should give if U are wealthy then perhaps use the biblical tithe (10%) as a benchmark. Regardless whether U are religious or not,

                                                    what is ten percent for most people? If the rich and wealthy gave ten percent, everyone in Ourearth would receive their basic needs:

                                                          clean water, food, medicine and shelter.

                                                                 As human beings we are the most intelligent of all living creatures, yet we fail to look after many of Ourearth communities'

                                                                     basic needs. Let us all work together to ensure our Brothers and Sisters are supplied the necessities of life.