Our andUandU... Ideas

andUandU…can be a world Non-Profit Organization. andUandU…signifies an organization that can continue to grow until time indefinite. We consist of many unique ideas that should be explored and implemented. Once U find out about what we're about and what we plan on doing, U will believe that andUandU… is needed. We were envisaged to fill voids. Our earth is lacking on so many fronts from humanitarian issues to environmental ones. We would strive to put in place mechanisms that would mitigate many of the wants and needs of the people(andus) and other organisms we share this planet with.

Eventually the more andUandU… comes into play, U will understand why we stated in our Mission Statement that:” Soon after a child learns to speak, it is time to learn about us”. The Philosophy of “U” amongst many other things states that:” It does not matter where U hail from we are equal thus to be loved the same”.


Anytime U see the U in the names of our andUandU…family, think of love. All of our ideas that we have presented in our potential organizations were thought of to maximize the love we want to share. Everyone needs love, and our ideas if implemented would bring love to the people who really need our love. We believe that we all have love we can share in some form. For many, that love should be shared by giving to those who need our help.


We believe that our ideas can cause people(andus) to give more. Once U are a recipient of love U most want to love others as they have loved U. U want to do onto others as they have done on to U. Love can spread throughout our earth because the more U give the more U will receive. If we all loved one another our earth’s people(andus) would make sure that everyone is supplied with the necessities of life. Once these wants and needs are supplied there will be far fewer wars, until then there will continue to be strife and civil unrest in many places. The people that believe in andUandU… and put our ideas into practice will bring peace and harmony to many places.

I have written much concerning andUandU…as if we were going to make it happen. I believe that Ourearth’s people(andus) if they knew about andUandU… would do what is best for all humankind which includes working together to turn andUandU… into a world-class non-profit organization that is second to none in love, scope, and in its ability to do the most good. An organization that believes that mankind can work together to put our ideas into practice.

We believe andUandU…can eventually cause a never-ending domino effect of love. We would continuously try to satisfy the wants and needs of those who are less fortunate than us. U will realize the power of U. U can make a difference and we believe U will. All U need to know is where U can make that difference. I have come up with many ideas, it is up to “U”.