U are important for within ur soul lies the ability to make a profound difference. U can be a positive influence in moulding our environment into a sustainable one. U can make our society and others around Ourearth unite under an andUandU… banner ensuring that there is a fair distribution of wealth, so no one goes without food, clothing, shelter and medicine; while living our lives at peace with the environment.

Within U is love, for God is love. Regardless of whether U believe in God, there is love within us all. Our love may not be apparent to others, but U can bring it to the surface and others will tell by the smile on ur face. If U let love influence the decisions U make, eventually Ourearth community can have all the necessities of life and U will be happier. U will realize that our Brothers and Sisters around Ourearth deserve to be loved.  Express compassion and empathy to others. If U love them U can benefit emotionally as they express their love in return in a variety of ways. A community that is guided by love is a healthy and vibrant one.

Our love should not only be expressed toward humankind but toward all living creatures that do not threaten mankind. We should preserve their habitant and stop putting more organisms on the endangered list. We need to clean up our environment and perhaps create an environment where we can renew threatened species back to healthy populations.

There is so much U can do. If U see a problem, then actively participate in finding a solution. Humans are resilient enough to find solutions to problems we see. We have sent people to the moon and created cell phones that can do things that might make one believe in magic. U realize that it is because of our intelligence that we are at the top of the food chain. We are the most intelligent, but we continue to do things that are harmful to ourselves and our environment.

We have achieved great scientific breakthroughs. Unfortunately many of our accomplishments are threatening our very survival. We have disrupted the balance of nature by things such as global warming, over fishing and weakening the links of the food chain. How many species of fish we depend on for sustenance are disappearing? U can help reverse this trend before our food supply is irreversibly damaged.

U must give wildlife a fair chance of survival so that all links of the chain are strong and remain that way. U can right the wrongs of the past and make our environment a vibrant one. U can change ur life and influence others to be at peace with the environment and protect the entire spectrum of organisms we depend on. U must stop thinking of mememe... and start thinking of others (andUandU...). U must work with others to better our earth: if not for ur sake, for the sake of our children ensuring they have a sustainable future.


U can lead a more fulfilling life as U begin to love ur neighbour as U love urself. As U do more for other people U begin to love the person U have become because they will return that love and U will feel blessed. U will value ur life more as U realize that the contributions U have made bettering the lives of others has made urself more successful. U have succeeded in ensuring positive outcomes for others. U will be rewarded by the self gratification and the gratification and love expressed toward U by others

for doing good deeds.

Love so freely given and received wherever it is needed will cure what ails our earth and her inhabitants. There need not be starvation, curable illnesses, homelessness and any disadvantaged people. There need not be any threatened species which includes us, no compromises in the food chain and minimal threats to our earth’s environment.

Once U become a believer in the power of U, U can show this in two ways that take no time, money or effort: (1) U can stop using the yo in you and capitalize the U; this will show that U believe in the power of U and the good in being U. Ignore the error sign on ur computer.

(2) For those who are fortunate to have two hands, within ur hands can be found two U's. If U do not have two hands be creative, perhaps smile and show ur U.

When U greet or wave at someone, form a U between ur thumb and ur four fingers joined together and

hold ur hand or hands up so the U is level and square to ur body. Doing one or both of these things will show that U are a believer in andUandU... and U are or will be influencing others or other creatures positively by expressing ur love.

Remember the way we choose to use our hands makes all the difference to the world. If we use

our hands to do injustice to others, U will be infringing on ur U. All of us have been blessed

with a skill and/or knowledge that can be utilized to help humankind or other organisms.

Please challenge urself to make our earth as healthy and vibrant, as it can possible be.

andUandU is for all religions and races and for those who do not follow or believe in any religion.